2008 Summer Fest

2008 Summer Fest at High Park

Saturday, August 23rd marked the second year that the Summer Fest, sponsored by the Derby Community Coalition, was held. The Coalition’s exists to help teenagers and pre-Teens stay away from drugs and alcohol. They try to do this by helping young people realize all of the healthy alternatives to drug usage.

The DRCC, in conjunction with other gourps, had representatives at High Park. There were areas for all of the major sports organizations to encourage kids to sign up. In addition they sponsored an ice cream social and a movie after dark.

The DRCC set up a booth to showcase the Sport/Hobby of R/C flying. We had a number of aircraft on static display. A computer was set up on a folding table with a RealFlight Simulator to give people some stick time without the danger of damaging an airplane. We had open flying for any of our member plus a trainer with the radio system hooked to a Buddy Box for anyone who had never flown R/C before. Many thanks go to Chris Duncan for letting all of the people fly his SPAD aircraft.

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