DRCC Members’ Airplanes

Member’s Aircraft

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Ken Chadwick’s Proto X Modifications

Shot #2 of the Proto X

Shot #3 of the Proto X

Darwin at the Christmas Party

Darwin thinks he is a big shot!

Bill Roberts at the Freeze Fly

Bob Harden at the Freeze Fly

Bill Roberts with his Shrike

Lindel Golden’s new airplane

Tim Townsend’s Bipe

Rich Wise after first solo!

A Proto-X transmodified by drilling 1/16″ holes in the sticks and gluing in some push pins

A shot from the Dec ’13 Meeting

Terry Dobson doing Show N Tell

Terry’s sentiments about electric powered airplanes.

Darwin received a Life Time Achievement award from the club

Darwin and two of his sons

Darwin with sons, grandsons and friends

Terry Dobson’s new ride!

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